The Landmark food market with friends! It had opened the same week!

The Airbnb and the £5/day motorcycle rental. I wanted a scooter, but the Airbnb host thought we were on the taller side and would be more comfortable on a bigger motorcycle! NOOOO! I was scared out of my mind riding on the back of that thing in traffic. And the COLOR though. I felt like a Power Ranger.

Cruising in Aonang, Krabi.

Visiting Wat Thum Sua

The "I'm doing this because I love you not because I want to face." We were about to climb a mountain via stairs.


The blessed railing. The stairs were VERY steep in some parts!

We had a classic tortoise and hare approach. Boricua would sprint up a few flights and wait for me as I took it slow and steady. Just like cross country hahaha, slow being the operative.

This adorable pup was WAY at the top!

I had to wear a wrap over my shorts. It wasn't my favorite to wear climbing those 1,260 steps! We also had to take our shoes off once we got to the top.




The top of the mountain, tiled all around.

The very top.

We got back down, had the most beautiful ride to the Airbnb (the scenic, we got slightly lost route) ;), cleaned up and met our friends for dinner.

I had read amazing reviews about Jungle Kitchen, I hadn't booked it before hand though so luckily our friends got us a reservation the night before!

It WAS delicious.

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