Things That Make Me Happy

I apologize for the poor quality of the photos! I want every post to be so beautiful and flawless and high resolution, but sometimes great things happen and you record them on your iPhone.

I have a feeling I am probably oversharing, but I guess I miss my friends and family. We were already living far away from my family, but now we are living far away from both of our families and the time difference makes it even harder to stay in touch! So here's a little piece of what we've been experiencing, now that we're settling into the city, and some things that make me happy_

The price of this quiche and the plums! (69 pence would be around $1.07) Also, it was Boricua's 1st quiche ever, and I was happy to be a part of the moment, ha.


The potential to explore ALL of these markets!

Boricua and I officially found my sister's male doppelganger. He is half Colombian, half Irish, and was kind enough to let him take his photo. We met him while we were house-hunting.


THIS is in the park near where we live!


We have a Temple!


Street art!

A real life video game date night. Played by renting Boris Bikes (city bikes that you can take out and return all around London), exploring as much as possible, and finding the next docking point before 30 minutes runs out!

A good work out and a good way to get to know London. Also, it must be good for your brain to become accustomed to the weirdness of understanding how to move in traffic when everything is opposite!

The word choice on this package, as seen at the biggest Asian Food Supermarket I have ever witnessed, near our home.


Great views from public transportation.

Soooo cool, you can buy your salad as it is still growing! This only costs a pound.

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