Post it Forward

Sometimes, I think what I want most when I’m going through a tough time is just for someone to understand me.

So in this #Postitforward, if there is anyone out there who is wondering about or hoping for the presence of a divine being who cares, know that God does answer prayers, because he answered that of my husband - living in Puerto Rico, he asked our Heavenly Father to help him find a woman who loved God, and if at all possible, was tall, blonde, had light eyes, and spoke Spanish, preferably with an Argentine accent.

I used to wonder how in the world anyone could fall in love with me - I always felt that it would be so much easier for someone not to be in love with me, because I can be a complicated and confusing person - but I was shown different. I had barely even heard of Puerto Rico, and yet somehow God brought us together. Not only do our prayers get answered, but God pays attention to detail.

This world is so full of injustice. War, rape, FGM, drugs, people taking advantage of people, genocide, homicide, orphans, AIDs, human trafficking, domestic violence, cancer, prejudices, loneliness, and all other kinds of disappointment leave us on our knees, begging for comfort for the suffering, be it for ourselves or for others. But there is a loving, divine Father who promises us that with perseverance and sacrifice, everything will be made right. I was shown a small glimpse of that when, a couple of years ago, God gave my husband and I the relationship we had been praying for, from half-way around the world.

p.s. thank you E for taking these photos <3 :D 

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