A Quick Snapshot

It's been so long since I have written anything for my blog. A brief snapshot of my life recently should explain fairly well_

Tonight I am about 40 pages into three different books that I should have already read (really good books about development economics, game theory, and international cooperation!), a couple of papers due, graduate school applications to finish before Wednesday, and family members and friends that I need to spend some time with, not to mention getting in work hours, doing wedding planning, linguistics homework, developing a research project, and taking care of my internship duties! And I thought being a missionary was complicated!

The hardest part is that I love every single one of these things that I need to do, and I feel like I am only doing a partly-good job on all of them! I can't wait until I etch a little more time into that google calendar so I can tell you about some of the amazing things that have happened to me since I last wrote around Thanksgiving!

Until then, let it be known that I have become engaged to the world's greatest guy (whom I don't deserve) and I'm really excited to become a team for making the world just a little better. (Idealistic? Definitely. If there's no hope, what is there?) Also, I have some of the best people a girl could call grandma and grandpa (8 of them to be exact), aunts and uncles, sisters, cousins, dads, future in-laws, and a couple of buds at my side who make it all worth it.

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