La Habana, Part 1

So.... for my 30th birthday my baby really outdid himself. We went to Cuba. Whereas I am usually researching the places to stay and things to do, Boricua took care of everything, including the confusing rules about traveling to Cuba!


It was a very long journey from the San Diego Airport, and in preparation I had been very busy, plus we had to travel to drop Charles off with my dad in Ventura. We had a layover in Miami. I tried to eat eggs (they're not my favorite) in the middle of the night on our layover, and by the time we got to La Habana I was not doing so well. I walked as much as I could, off the plane and up the ramp, and luckily there was a bench at the end! I had that feeling I've had before, the light-headedness right before passing out, so I wasn't taking any chances. They eventually came and told us we couldn't stay there, so they brought me a wheelchair and Boricua pushed me through security. It was a bit embarrassing as I was already sticking out like a sore thumb, but most of the time I was just hunched over in pain with my head down so I couldn't see too many stares haha.

We got a taxi to our first Airbnb, but the check-in time was later, so I sat on the couch while they found me some sort of medicine to help me with my stomach. Then they decided I could stay in the room of the woman who stayed there to cook – it was filled with supplies and thankfully a bed! And I slept! It was what my body hadn't gotten for at least a day – a chance to lay flat!

Eventually, our room was ready and so we went upstairs and rested some more, then I decided I didn't want to miss our salsa lesson (the one thing I planned haha) so that we could start walking and play it by ear. I am so glad we went for it, because the dancing was fun, and my body had recovered thanks to resting most of the day.

This was a comedor we walked by on our way to the lesson. I wasn't ready to eat but Boricua got some sort of rice and meat for something less than a dollar, if his memory serves, around 25¢!

De camino a la clase.


The salsa lesson was in a beautiful building called "La Casa del Son." It had a beautiful inner courtyard and tall ceilings, I love this kind of architecture!

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