The Big 30

My sister's visit overlapped with Boricua's 30th birthday!!

You know how some people love to be surprised and made a big deal of on their birthday? That is not my husband. So, I have to go against my own inclinations and make him feel loved in the way he wants to be celebrated - in this case, he wanted a relaxing beach day.


Opening his presents from me...

The big box wasn't very exciting, but definitely very useful! The Ninja Foodi, which is an air fryer and a pressure cooker. It's like a crockpot on major steroids. Boricua uses it all. the. time. to cook lentils and other slow carb diet foods.

Huntington Dog Beach

Then we went to the Huntington dog beach!


Pines Park


Boricua's other birthday present was this hammock!

There is a gorgeous little park in Dana Point that is great for hammocks and slacklines, so we finished out his birthday with tacos from a nearby taquería and more chilling.


How handsome is he?

If you ever wondered what it feels like to fall out of a hammock, go ahead and ask H. ;) I just noticed you can see the lead-up in the pictures of Boricua slacklining right before that.


The view of Dana Point harbor from Pines Park.

We got to drive H back and see family at the end of her visit. I took some pictures of their cutie-pie named Red.

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