Oceanside and L.A. with my hermanita

After exploring downtown San Clemente and a bit of shopping, we went to Oceanside! A friend had shown us Ruby's Diner at the end of the pier there and I wanted to take H there!

A peak into SoCal-Orange County-beach town culture.

This is on the free trolley around downtown San Clemente.



The Oceanside pier!

This is the we're-almost-going-to-eat happy face :D


Among the many surfboards seen along the coast, there is one that stands out - the Costco board. We bought one too! It is called the Wavestorm, and is like the big bus Cadillac of surfboards. It is a great kook board, which I learned means beginner!

H rocking the sweetest sunglasses we found thrifting.

So the line at Ruby's was insane, and we ate at In-n-Out instead.


Being new back home, I was a bit daunted by the idea of giving H a tour of L.A. and driving at the same time haha. So we did a hop-on hop-off bus tour that left out of Anaheim. Now I know my way around a bit more, but with H we were breaking in SoCal together!


The bus tour was VERY HOT, but we survived.

We finally got down at the Santa Monica pier.


These ocean shots feel like they'd make a great Where's Waldo scene!


A very cute seal was working the crowd.

Back on the bus, we stayed downstairs for the shade. And, it being to ourselves, we decided to turn it into an urban photoshoot ;)

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