The Harry Potter Studio in Watford

I had thought about scheduling this for us as a Christmas activity, but when I went to book it it was sold out for a few months!

So I got us some tickets for April. It was good to go finally go before we left London!

Some of the technology used to create the patronus effect (like Harry's stag) - they put a vest on a real Scottish deerhound!


I liked the Butterbeer! Boricua maintains that it is better at Universal in Florida.

The Triple Decker Knight bus :D

4 Privet Drive.

I don't think it was quite to scale. A bit smaller than real life?


On the Hogwarts bridge. It wasn't mentioned in the books but is iconic in the movies!

Godric's Hollow!


Hagrid's half brother Grawp.


The Durmstrang ship.

This replica of Hogwarts was so beautiful! My photography skills did not do it justice!

We ran into some familiar faces on the way home!

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