Snowsports in Mürren

A lot of the images I've shared so far were looking at the mountains across the valley from Mürren: Eiger ( 3970 m), Mönch (4099 m), and Jungfrau (4158 m). There's an interesting treatment of the origin stories of their names, but they mean Ogre, Monk, and Virgin.

Piz Gloria

Mürren, however, sits at the base of another incredibly tall peak of the Bernese Alps/Jungfrau region, the Schiltorn (2,970 m). At the top of the Schiltorn is a base called Piz Gloria - there is a black diamond ski run coming down from it but I did not feel in any way brave enough for that in the alps! (I do black diamonds in Utah, but it was just soooo dramatic and full of cliffs and unknown). So Boricua and I rode the lift up with our snowboards because otherwise we would have to pay for another lift pass, checked it out, and rode back down haha.

We stopped at the halfway point.

It was a clear floor too!


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