The Airbnb I wanted to stay at, but was debating, got taken for one of the days before I had booked it! So I quickly booked the remaining days of the week and found a place we could stay at Railay Bay for one night, an isolated part of Krabi that you can get to by boat, with beaches on either side of it.

When we flew into Krabi, we took a van with a lot of other tourists from the airport to a pier I had read you can go to to catch a boat to Railay. So we took our luggage into a long tailed boat and made the journey! We landed on the side of Railay with a dock, thankfully, because the next day we saw people getting off and carrying their luggage over their head through the water!

This was the dock, made of floating plastic linked together!




Papaya :D


A tiny little hike from the beach.

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