Island Hopping

Our Airbnb hosts were seriously the best in terms of hospitality, that we've ever had. And we've stayed at A LOT of Airbnbs.

That is an important fact, so that you know we were able to invite our friends over and then invite business partners of the Airbnb hosts to come give us massages AT THE AIRBNB! They were in the range of £6. And K got a manicure. Anyway. That is how this adventure began. Because by the time all the pampering was done, we were unable to find a tuk tuk to drive them back to their hotel!

So they ended up having to sleep in the spare room with their darling beba and in the morning we all took a taxi together to the docks to begin our island hopping adventure.

We hired a boat for just the five of us (also someone who partners with the Airbnb hosts) for £60 per couple, if I remember correctly. To take us to see the islands for the whole day! They are these gorgeous wooden longtail boats that seem to be propelled by car engines. Forgive my horrible ignorance on this matter!


Here's the part where, as they say, my ovaries explode. I don't think there can really be anything sweeter than a dad and his baby girl.

I'm sorry but I really can't choose between color and black and white on these.

Okay maybe one thing is sweeter. Con la mamá <3 <3


The first island.


Hehe ;)

Adios, isla bella!

Here was a group of islands.


Oh tanning. ;) We two gringuitas stayed in the shade on this beach. Notwithstanding sunscreen and a shaded canopy on the boat, I still burned!


And then we messed around... being the mature adults that we are.

After the first part of the morning, the little islands we visited were full of tourists. We walked around the corner of this beach, though, and it was an empty paradise! And so beautiful!

I'll let these photos tell their own story hahaha.

So many tries.

So many fails.

Apparently I can dab while doing dramatic and awesome hair flips.



Boricua envisions Baywatch...

Luckily he can see past clumsiness and what might even be called the opposite of a tan.


Another beach photo fail hahaha.

Sweet success.





Our final destination was Railay where we RAN for a quick bite!



Rock climbing!

After we arrived back in the main part of Aonang, Boricua and I already had our flight booked back to Bangkok. I mostly successfully ;) bargained for a really cool mini backpack (the one with the fox logo), and we had some amazing pizza haha!

We flew to Bangkok and spent the night in an extremely inexpensive hostel near the airport (mindblowingly so, but so clean and nice!), and flew out the next day, me following a bit later in the afternoon. I relaxed and took in the neighborhood, did laundry and shopped at a cool outdoor mall.

The hostel.

The neighborhood.

Superheroes selling tire services?

A cab drive and flying home over China.

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