Summer and Autumn, 2018

Facetiming with friends.

Sister gets engaged!

Charles takes on the tube.


My legitimate excuse for being late for work_ I got stopped at Buckingham Palace. Whenever they have events here, and my cycle path to work is right through this area, we have to get off and walk.


I had a work trip to Edinburgh...



I got to take the train back!

Charles at the office.

The city went dead silent when England was playing at the World Cup. We even followed along by the end of it, we could usually tell how the teams were doing anyway by the yells coming from other flats!

For our anniversary we went to a market in the Paddington Basin and I had the most amazing French dish,

then we rode our bikes to see Aladdin at the West End. I LOVED the Genie, but overall it's probably been my least favorite show I've been to while we've been living here. It struck me how sexualized Jasmine is, and how the whole thing seems to be a bit of a Middle East stereotype! I do think that a midriff baring, cleavage top like the one Jasmine had seems a little bit out of place in a lot of those cultures? I never noticed as a little girl, but as this is a Disney musical, the characters were mainly the same as in the movies.

Nonetheless, a fun treat and a nice way to celebrate being married to my bae <3

Picnic with friends in Notting Hill, their little boy was so generous with his animals ;)

4th of July pride.



My friend came to visit, she was doing some coursework at Oxford and we got to spend a weekend together with her darling family.

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