In April, Boricua and I made what I would call a pilgrimage to Italy. Most of our trips around Europe have been ones that we could squeeze in on a long weekend here and there, for Italy we took an entire work week plus the weekends that bookended it. I used to have a lovely illustrated poster of Florence in my dorm rooms at university, and nearly ten years later, there we were.

I wasn't expecting it to be my favorite, but Rome stole my heart. It is the most beautiful city I've ever seen. Of course, Florence and Venice were absolutely breathtaking in their own right. And everywhere, the food...

The posts covering Italy I tried to organize by type_ there's street scenes, "Il cibo e l'alloggio" which include photos of our Airbnb and the food in each city, and then the main sights.

Here's a video compilation (mostly shot on our iPhones). The photos are much better, although many of those were also taken while on the move!

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