København; 2


We biked past this mural a few times as the bike path near our Airbnb went by it. ;)

Hans Christian Andersen wrote the Little Mermaid (Den lille havfrue) and this small statue is very famous!


Bikes everywhere!!


Our second stop after visiting The Little Mermaid was a famous bakery, Sankt Peders.


They are famous for their cinnamon rolls but those only get sold on Wednesdays and we weren't in Copenhagen on that day. What we did try, though - soooo good!

Is this where Pop-tarts got their idea? Or was it the other way around? We saw a similar product being sold in the bakery section of a grocery store, too! Either way, this was DIVINE.

They all were.

There is a well-developed film industry in Denmark, from what I read online!

A very unique bike.

This is Vor Frue Kirke, or Church of Our Lady. It is a cathedral, and we were excited to go there because it is the home of the original Christus statue by Bertel Thorvaldsen. What I didn't know is that Thorvaldsen also did statues of the Apostles!

Boricua patiently took a photo of each statue. It's cool to see the way each Apostle is represented.



Insert Classy mom.

Danish and German are obviously very different languages, but with our very limited experience we noticed a few similarities! "Apotheke," or "pharmacy" is something we ran into a lot in Baden-Baden! I also learned that "morgen" means the same in both both languages - "morning!" I also found many words to be understandable because of their similarities with English or by their having Latin roots. I <3 linguistics!!!!

The Rundetaarn (Round Tower) was our next stop. I didn't know this before we got there, but we learned that it was (is) part of some sort of University complex including a church, an astronomical observatory, and a library!


[Video here].

That is a picture of a little boy who fell down the center of the tower and survived.

From the astronomer!

The view from the top.


The cathedral where the Christus is!

And I'm not sure what that was all about...

The tiny observatory.


This was in the adjacent chapel.


A very beautiful instrument, although I do not know what it is called!

Next up, lunch! This place was being mentioned in a lot of lists and was on ours to try.

It did not disappoint!


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