København; 1

We arrived in the afternoon after a short flight from London.

The above photo is at Nørreport station, where we got off of the train from the airport and got on a metro to our Airbnb!

Yep, those are spots for bikes and a small cushion for your behind.

And a quiet zone on the metro!


I felt so lucky to get a photo of this older woman biking along on a tricycle. #lifegoals

We fell so in love with this biking city.

After wandering around somewhat lost, we eventually found a boat tour company we were looking for and caught the last trip of the day.

And my tia's hand-woven hats have made it to yet another country! ;)



A man reading in his window. We were told that the weather here is a lot like London so we lucked out with four solid days of sunshine!


As usual, I was so captivated by the facades...


See how this bike isn't locked up? They have really cool locks here that simply lock your back tire to the bike frame to prevent it from being ridden away. (It doesn't stop people from throwing bikes in a truck and selling them to Romania, apparently? I am told...)

Our rental bikes had ones like that, which we opened using an app that connected with the lock via bluetooth. Pretty sweet.

We grabbed a snack here while our little tour boat took a rest in Nyhavn harbor.

The food was very very good, but what really impressed Boricua was the way this machine handled everything to do with our transaction - the people behind the counter just took our order and moved right along!


Chocolate coated churros, don't mind if we do! (They were also very warm which was a plus on our very cold and windy boat!


I believe this is the opera house. I really like the separate ticket booth or whatever that is!

The crown on top of that building, has to do with a specific king. Which, as it happens, is "kong" in Danish!



Maersk headquarters! A shipping company whose logo I have seen many-a-time living near the railroads in northern Idaho.

That domed building is part of the complex where the current royal family lives.


The black diamond building.

Then we started passing under some VERY old bridges.


At the end of the day, I wrote a few impressions down_ "Wow! We are so impressed with the biking city of Copenhagen. Boricua really likes the kroner change - they have holes in them! I am in love with our Airbnb. Our host is named Mathias and our room is spacious and gorgeous. We really like the soft yellow lighting, as we were riding our rental bikes back all of these people had their windows open in these tall, cool apartment buildings and I think I'm already feeling the hygge!!"

We (I) took so many photos, the rest of our trip is in the following posts! And pardon the blurriness, many of these were taken from a bike/I still don't actually focus the camera that well. ;) ↓ ↓

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