Birthdays in London

January both our roommate R and I had our 26th birthday. We were eating a lot of cake.


A made a beautiful chocolate cake and we took a family photo with it haha.


They like to record every moment, like we do, so it works out!

My birthday got off to a great start with an early breakfast in bed before Boricua went off to work. Spoiled much?

And this was after DV407 - a class on the economics/sociology/political science/etc of poverty.


This is what my commute looked like after coming home from school that day.

Then we went out to celebrate! We found this cozy place called The Cuban a few months previously and I definitely wanted to go there and dance merengue/bachata/salsa with mi amor.


I feel bad because we were dancing most of the time and didn't get many pictures of them! Take it from me, though, they were total naturals! They actually have a lot more in common with Boricua in terms of culture than we imagined, there are a lot of similarities between the two tropical islands of Puerto Rico and Indonesia!

Then we ate more birthday cake. :)

InsertAnd I felt so loved. Every year has been so different - last year I spent my birthday in Puerto Rico, the year before that in Utah, and before that I was in Argentina! Who knows where it will be next year, but if I had my wish it would be with as much family as possible!

InsertOne of the coolest birthday "gifts" was a visit from our wedding photographer, who was in Europe visiting family. She wanted to do a London shoot with us!

We agreed that Camden would be a cool place for a shoot (and I think it fits her style really well). They were on limited time - they literally flew in for the afternoon, so we took some photos in our neighborhood, rushed to Camden, shared some fish and chips, and then helped them navigate the maze of public transportation so they could catch their flight!


InsertThis is el guapo taking a break after we sent them on their way.

The next weekend was, in true Auntie K fashion, the culmination of my birthday week. Boricua and I got to see Wicked for the first time!

We went with two friends who also moved from the states, you could call them Wicked experts.


We thought it was pretty cool that the woman playing Glinda is LDS and attends church in the same building we do! All the characters were absolutely amazing.

Best birthday present right here. <3


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