To celebrate the anniversary of the Relief Society, the Caguas ward cleaned the building. I loved chatting with Hermana C (the one in pink) - I never would have guessed it but she speaks English with a Jersey accent!

Boricua and I spent a lot of time on the road - and I love seeing those signs on the hill as we drive through San Juan - they are huge!

On Sunday, this family and I played “Las familias pueden ser eternas” in Sacrament meeting at the end of the dad's talk. L is learning how to play the cello, so we played our instruments while the rest of the family sang. It was so sweet.

On Monday, M didn’t have school due to the fact that it is the celebration of the liberation of slaves on March 23, so the three of us went to check out the university she’ll be going to - it’s the University of Puerto Rico - Aguadilla campus.

Aguadilla is really close to Rincón (famous surfing), and has its own airport! It seems like its economy is in large part functioning because of the presence of a base and the airport. Going there is like taking a step back in time, life seems simple. It will be nice and chill for M. The photo of the “U-Turn Frappé” shop is to demonstrate the Puerto Rican obsession with the frappé de nutella - it’s not just Boricua and I!  :)

My dad sent us a cd called “The Brain on Love” - and it took us forever to be able to listen to it because we have no cd playing apparatus in our apartment - but we finally got the tracks onto a playlist and have been listening to it on Boricua's phone - it has been so hilarious and enlightening. Enlightening because the author describes how people have different attachment styles, and in relationships, different attachment styles can lead to a lot of misunderstanding. The best part is that he gives you a roadmap of how to best handle each attachment style. Hilarious because when he would describe perhaps how an “island” might feel overwhelmed or the way a “wave” would express themselves, it was as if he had been taking notes on us, word for word! Anyway we are super happy to have listened to it, and want to share it with all our newlywed friends haha.

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