Fall in Caguas

To finish catching up - J and A got married two weekends ago! You should have SEEN her train.

The wedding was in a Christian church, and it was beautiful to see their relationship based on their love of God! At the reception, which was downtown, there was no dancing but there was a very elaborate cake! My favorite part was probably a game where they each had to take one shoe off and give it to the other one. The emcee asked them questions, and while sitting down facing back to back, they had to raise the shoe of the person they thought the answer belonged to. It was hilarious.

That same weekend, two really cool people got baptized. She’s from St. Thomas, if I’m not mistaken, and he’s from New Jersey! They got married on Saturday and the baptism was on Sunday. They have two little kids, they are so darling! All those missionaries in the photo work in our ward except the two sisters at the far right. We have a lot of missionaries!

This past weekend, Boricua carved us a pumpkin so I could use the insides to make pumpkin cookies for a dessert competition at church! One of the brothers here is studying medicine in Puerto Rico, but he’s from the states, and he said he was dying for some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Boricua carved out a really cute face, too.  H surprised B (Boricua's sister) with a cruise this week! You can get some sweet deals this time of year. They were like two kids they were so excited!

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