Apartment #2

A few weeks ago, Boricua´and I moved to our second apartment, in Caguas! The days have been long as I continue my job search. Together, we’ve been waiting patiently for the Internet company to fix our connection, building shelves, and buying appliances. I love being married to Boricua! We are so different and I have so much to learn from him. Besides how sweet he is, he has been teaching me how to do all kinds of handy-work around the house.

For his birthday, he preferred to keep working on our apartment - get as moved in as we could before the work-week started - so we worked all day, and when we went to go take a shower at Brenda’s (the water company took their time turning our water on), she had an ice cream cake for him! I was very happy because our oven didn’t have gas yet! We’ll have to celebrate again now that we have a functioning oven. Then we went on a nice, relaxing date to the movies. I think we saw Hercules. Not what we were expecting, but cool. 

I’m in love with Puerto Rico’s beauty. Where we live is in the middle of everything, and at the same time, we found a little patch of quiet and nature. Our neighbors raise fighting roosters. The other neighbors gave us plantains when there was a tropical storm, and a lot of theirs fell! 

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