San Tomas

Finally! The honeymoon. We felt like we had been running a marathon before the wedding. I had been living all over the place, and out of a suitcase, for more than a month, Boricua had been working and taking finals, we found an apartment, set up health insurance, got our marriage license and tests, dealt with a turtle egg fiasco, and took family all around the island, then got married, then flew to Utah and had another ceremony + reception, so we were definitely ready.

B and H picked us up at the airport in San Juan and we went straight to our cruise ship! We ate at the buffet and went to bed, slept in for the first time in a LONG time, and when we woke up we were at the first island, San Tomas. After trying to escape the tourist traps, we ran into a little scooter rental shop (probably still a tourist trap), totally got a good deal (the guy was Uruguayan), and went around like crazies on the left side of the road! We went to the beach, bought supplies, and Boricua even helped a lady with her tire!

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