Thank You

The first thing Boricua and I wanted to do when we finally got in M and started driving to our very 1st apartment of our own, was to start on thank you’s! There are so many people that helped make our wedding so special to us! Aunt S and Grandma who made the flower girl dresses, A, Grandma, and Aunt S using the flowers from the my in-laws' yard to make our bouquets, Y, Coqui, and B beautifying the whole crew… My two dads being there to walk me down the aisle, my two sisters + a new sister as bridesmaids, IE, Aunt J, and S taking care of nerves, hunger, and a hives break-out! The violinist who came even though she was so sick, one of the groomsmen (I) who brought amplifiers… There are way too many people to say thank you to everyone on the blog - but don’t fret! - we are excited to start on those cards!

We’ve finally relaxed for a couple of days (except for Boricua's fluid mechanics class, but even that is better than his schedule last semester!) - opening presents was better than Christmas! We are so grateful for the gifts we received - many of them much needed, like spoons! And pots! Our two most used in our first days of marriage? Definitely the tool kit from Marley (you should have seen Boricua's happiness as he realized someone bought something he registered for!), and our super-fancy Blendtec from the Mcwillers - last night was African peanut butter/vegetable/potato soup from the Sandpoint Ward cookbook and dessert, drumroll please… Banana ice cream. Twister jar + Bananas + vanilla + cinnamon. So healthy! So creamy and sweet! We might seem a little excited. It’s only a 3-horsepower blender, after all… Thank you! To those few who might read this blog, there may or may not be a need for a new hashtag :)


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