Our last stop of the day after the Freedom Trail was Walden (we saw the Boston temple on our way!) I was super excited because there's this book called "The Fledgling" that I read a lot as a child and part of it is set in Walden.

As well as Thoreau's "Walden," of course. I realized finally that it is not a pond but a lake! It is so beautiful!


Becky happened to find "Walden" at the bookstore earlier that day so we read a few excerpts. We took the coastal route back to New Haven and stopped by Norwood on our way - how small it is compared to my memories!

I love it, it is so beautiful. That is where we used to live and the last photo is of our elementary school, Callahan.


Among many memories I have at Callahan, I loved celebrating Memorial Day and talking about how Paul Revere supposedly rode through the very field where we had recess.

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