Yesterday was our Boston day. B, S and I left New Haven and headed for the Freedom Trail!

After eating brunch in the oldest park in America, the Boston Common, off we went to explore!

I've been to La Recoleta in Buenos Aires, this huge and ornate mausoleum-type cemetary, and it was really cool to see where some of our national heroes are buried in the States - this super unpretentious old cemetery. It is so democratic and fits our personality as a country.


Paul Revere and John Hancock were there, the man who rode to warn the British and the first man to sign the Declaration of Independence. I ran into some Porteños (people from Buenos Aires) in the cemetary and could identify them the second I heard them talking by that gorgeous Porteño accent. Ha!

We had to stop by one of B's favorite bookstores, of course, and the photo of the clock is from King's Chapel.


The pews inside are weird, each group had their own little box to worship in! The next photo shows the chapel in the middle of downtown Boston.

There was also a heart-wrenching memorial to Holocaust victims we walked by on our way to North End. I learned that Denmark was able to save 99% of their Jews and many others.


The last photo is of Paul Revere's home. He seems to be such a typical patriot - normal guy, just trying to get through with his family, with a passion for freedom. He had a ton of kids and ran a business engraving things. The plaque on his home says it is one of the oldest structures around!

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