Trip to Sandpoint

J, Mickle, and I took our exams as early as humanly possible and left halfway through the first day of finals to go see IE perform in Sandpoint’s Distinguished Young Women program on Saturday. IE did such a phenomenal job playing the piano (a beautiful Ben Folds song) and I loved seeing her face when they announced that she had won the Spirit award (voted on by other contestants)!

I love taking new people to the Barn, especially in the spring. Above, Aunt S is getting a love lick from a baby goat and Grammie is happy as her grandchildren look for hidden Easter eggs (and Granddad even got J and I chocolate Easter bunnies to look for!). We played lots of games as a family, and on Monday the girls skipped school (except for C and IE, poor things) to hike Gold Hill. We didn’t make it to the top because we wanted to get back in time for some Dubs with Grammie and Granddad. I thought it was funny, on our way back I tried playing some of my indie music, which no one seemed to enjoy particularly, and then we put on some One D and the car was bumping! They knew all the words. ;) Haha. Monday evening we had a little shower for me, I asked for recipes because I really love having something useful and that reminds me of the people I love, and what’s more, I don’t need anything else to pack to go to Puerto Rico!  The sisters gave me some really good advice about being married, which I am going to try to put into practice! Tuesday, after some great finds at the thrift store, J and I stopped for lunch with Grammie and Granddad at our favorite burrito place, Joel’s, and off we were back to the real world. We listened to The Screwtape Letters on the way back, oh my goodness, I couldn’t believe how insightful C.S. Lewis was!

(Also, I had just gotten my wisdom teeth out!)


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