Grandma's 74th!

We celebrated starting on Saturday with some early-morning zumba (how awesome is that - zumba with my grandma?! she did an excellent job, I might add), and ate cake two days in a row. Grandma chose a well-rated Thai food restaurant in American Fork for her birthday dinner, and Grandpa got her a beautiful German chocolate cake with red lettering - her favorite color.

We celebrated with Uncle S, Aunt J, A, and even Doby and Abby hung out with us on Saturday! Grandma is Abby’s favorite human. It was so funny how happy she was sitting next to her in the car. I love that Grandma. 

And… I saw C! We will always be friends, no matter where in the world we are! She got home from her mission (she served mainly in Kansas) around a year ago, as well. Not to be corny, but she is seriously such a good example! haha. <3

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