Today J and I skipped our spanish linguistics class to go skiing (SKIpped)!  

Early in the morning, J got back from yoga and called me, very excited, and told me to look out the window. Snow. Gorgeous. Everywhere.

So I went early to my jogging class and then ran to her apartment, we stopped for snacks and my gear at Grandma and Grandpa’s, and off we were!

First of all, it is amazing to be on the mountain when no one is there yet. The quiet that you find is so hard to describe.

Second, POWDER. Powder, powder! We were literally laughing down Bishop’s because there was that much powder and it was that much fun. Ha.

We had some awesome runs, and it was a good way to say goodbye to my board, because now I will turn it over to someone to make good use of next season, while I am in hot, humid, and beautiful Puerto Rico.

Hopefully Boricua and I will be on a surfboard instead! ;)

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