Saying Goodbye for the Semester

After a couple of weeks at home it was time to go back to school. We drove down with Pick, Uncle T, and S. On Boricua's last day in Utah we dropped our friend N off at the MTC (preparing for her mission in New York!), went and visited converts and members from Boricua's mission, got our engagement photos taken by my super-talented river guide and music-making friend and his wife (their website), went for sushi, and stopped by Deseret Book to look for presents (They somehow become more special when there aren’t any where you live!).

I saw a Pride and Prejudice playset so I had to photograph it for my Pride and Prejudice-obsessed family (well, at least the girls). As soon as Boricua was gone coping mechanisms kicked in - hanging out with friends, being on the mountain, and focusing on wedding plans! There’s this really awesome dressmaker named Penelope in Salt Lake so los abuelos and I went there one afternoon, I loved the market right in front of her locale! Then we found a restaurant run by a man from Jerusalem and the food was pretty tasty! Driving around somewhere we ran across a Google Fiber van! Please come to our house, miraculous Internet connection! 

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