Boricua's First Christmas in Sandpoint

Our trip to Sandpoint! I tried to take a panorama of the living room but Uncle T turned out crazy, don’t mind that! Getting to Idaho was a joke - we had layovers in Atlanta, Nashville, and Minneapolis, but in Minneapolis three planes were deemed unfit to fly so we ended up having to wait until morning to make the last leg home to the Spokane airport! Once we were home and settled in, Mickle showed us how to ride the four-wheelers, that house in the middle right is the “animal barn!” My favorite part about being home is soaking up time with my aunts and uncles, grandparents, my sister and my cousins.

Boricua's first time skiing! I was so excited to get up on Schweitzer, I had only been snowboarding one time since I came home from Argentina and I caught the last weekend of the season! We decided Boricua would ski because those were the only boots we had that fit him and that’s totally better than renting. After a while on the bunny hill, we decided our coaching skills weren’t working (IE, R and I). R switched Boricua (skis for snowboard, thank you R!) and, quite fittingly, he was a natural at riding! I am so grateful to my boy for making the things that are important to me, important to him.

p.s. That was the actual color of the sky! No editing. Sandpoint is so beautiful!

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