Another food post

Well, I guess this is a post about food! I have a new calling! I’m a ward missionary. :) As I was out with the sisters visiting a really awesome person who is going to get baptized, we got to try the nuts you see above. You boil them for a long time, peel, and eat. To me, they taste like the outside of tamales. Tasty!

My boss has an avocado tree, as well as someone else here in the office, so we are never lacking. I love them. They are huge. I will eat it all by itself, or add it to whatever I made for lunch that day. You can be jealous. ;) I saved the best for last - the people I work with. Here they are at lunch time. We sit around the table and talk about everything. They are such good people. A huge amount of what I’ve learned about Puerto Rico has come from them. 

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