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The same day I tried coconut water and Malta, we went to the beach and explored around a bit. It had been raining so we didn't go swimming, but the water is nice and warm. I can't believe how calm the sea is on this side of the island - barely any waves!

The photo I've posted is a small plaza in front of my neighborhood and also close to where I work and the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez.

Today there was no flood and no storm warning so I had the privilege of starting my internship! Laura Dahdah is wonderful, as well as the other lawyers and secretaries in the office! I'm helping her digitalize notarized documents concerning mortgages, financing, and the selling of property. There is a lot of legal and real estate jargon that I have absolutely no idea about, but that is changing; as you can see I've posted vocabulary (for my internship director back at the Kennedy Center at BYU); this blog is also a report of sorts.

The ocean from my neighborhood! ¡La vista del mar desde mi barrio!

At Pueblo, the grocery store. The fruit is called rambutan - it originally comes from India but now they grow it here as well. En Pueblo, el super. La fruta se llama rambutan - viene de India.

Here is the river by my house. While walking to do my laundry, I ran into the sister missionaries from Mexico, Hermanas Flores and Ramos! (¿qué apellidos perfectos, no?)

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