Waiting for Hurricane Gabriel

We’re expecting a storm tonight at 2 am, named Gabriel, and they have canceled university classes just in case. L, the lawyer I am working for, also texted me and said don’t come in unless she says otherwise. It was funny because I didn’t get to start the internship today - they had a flood over the weekend - a pipe broke on the refrigerator upstairs, so I have been getting some WomanStats work done and reading books for my political economy class! I met Señora Dahdah de Surillo though, and she is very wonderful and nice. I’m excited to start working for her. 

R tells me that if it were a hurricane, the image on the map would be about three times as big. Good to know, right? My dad was asking me if there are hurricane shelters and such, and yes, there are, actually. R was also saying there shouldn’t be any big hurricanes this year, because there are a lot of avocados and mangos, and according to Borícuas (Puerto Ricans), this means no hurricanes.

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