Meeting the family

It was so cool to meet Boricua's family today! His mom M had a great lunch ready for us, in which I tried octopus for the first time (not my fave), and highly enjoyed soup with shrimp in it and a bean sauce to go with the rice. I was so full, I felt like a missionary again!

They have a beautiful home full of cool fruit trees like bananas, platanos, breadfruit, limes, and guava. We passed the afternoon looking at photos and his sister-in-law, who is just about to graduate as an esthetician, re-straightened my hair for me because the humidity was already making it curl up! (Haha the family warmed up really fast).

Then we went and met his grandma, some more aunts and uncles, and a friend for yogurt, in the evening finally making the drive to Mayagüez, where I’m staying! We stopped for some hangers, bowls, milk and cereal, and came to the apartment!

These are just a few (poor quality I’m sorry) photos of the apartment. I like it a lot, but especially my new roommates R and J. They seem super nice. Puerto Ricans speak really fast, and they drop the r’s and s’s.

So grateful to be here!

After a quick layover in JFK, at 7 AM I boarded another plane for the 3.5 hours to San Juan! Boricua was waiting for me with a super-sweet sign! Puerto Rico is green, beautiful, and humid!

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