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These are de-identified network maps I've created together with my colleagues at Network Impact. Most of them are based off of survey results, and allow comparison for the strength and types of connections within the nonprofit networks we're working with, as well as what the shape and statistics about the network can tell us. My colleagues put together a great collection of resources along these lines that you can read here

 Here, thicker lines represent a stronger connection between survey respondents and orgs in their network, and a color legend allows for regional differentiation.

Here we see survey respondents and indicated connections to orgs, but the image cycles through the different types of relationships.


Here is a map for another Network Impact client showing connections survey respondents indicated they had to external players to their network. Colors and bulls-eye decorations help differentiate between external and internal players as well as orgs vs people, and the way connections are decorated show if a survey respondent considered this connection key to achieving the network's goals.

Differing connection types within a network. Colored flags categorize survey respondents, and the size of the circle indicates just how many people have signaled that they connect with this person, which in Social Network Analysis we call "indegree."

Image by yeven_popov on Freepik | Image by yeven_popov on Freepik | Image by denamorado on Freepik | Image by yeven_popov on Freepik
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