A belated update. After the Puerto Rico wedding ceremony and most of the family went home, the Hastys were still here so we headed to Crashboat Beach. There were so many little fish swimming by our toes! We stopped at a new restaurant in Cabo Rojo that Manuel told us about, and it made me happy because the Hastys could try some authentic Puerto Rican food. The tostones were classic, and delicious. Sadly, when we went to go see the bioluminescent bay, we couldn’t see much because the moon was so bright! Instead, we kayaked around and chatted. It just means they will have to come again! The very next day we were on a plane to Utah. Our flight coincided with the McClellands and Millers, so we hung out together in JFK and looked at all of Uncle Allen’s awesome gopro videos of swimming, boogie boarding, and zip lining. Once we were in Utah, Grandma finished my veil and we got our groomals taken, and before we knew it we had a bbq and the sealingI! I loved the sealing, because now Jesús and I are married not only until death do us part, but for forever. I loved being there with so many people whom we love, and love us. After the sealing we spent a good while taking photos outside of the Temple, it seemed like there were hundreds of couples there, and so many people with lace dresses, peach juliet roses and mint bridesmaids! Haha at least my colors were peach and sun-washed aqua. ;) We had time to grab some sushi and then head to the reception! It was wonderful! After the sparkler send-off, we went to the airport with Jane, on our way to the cruise! I’m so glad we got a little bit of time with her!

#Recoveringfromtoomuchroomservice #detoxdiet #bananabread #2moredays

#Recoveringfromtoomuchroomservice #detoxdiet #bananabread #2moredays

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The first thing Jesús and I wanted to do when we finally got in M and started driving to our very 1st apartment of our own, was to start on thank you’s! There are so many people that helped make our wedding so special to us! Aunt Suzy and Grandma who made the flower girl dresses, Amanda, Grandma, and Aunt Suzy using the flowers from the Rosario’s yard to make our bouquets, Yoshira, Maria, and Brenda beautifying the whole crew… My two dads being there to walk me down the aisle, my two sisters + a new sister as bridesmaids, Indie, Aunt Jen, and Sarah taking care of nerves, hunger, and a hives break-out! The violinist who came even though she was so sick, Ismanuel who brought amplifiers… There are way too many people to say thank you to everyone on the blog - but don’t fret! - we are excited to start on those cards! We’ve finally relaxed for a couple of days (except for Jesús’ fluid mechanics class, but even that is better than his schedule last semester!) - opening presents was better than Christmas! We are so grateful for the gifts we received - many of them much needed, like spoons! And pots! Our two most used in our first days of marriage? Definitely the tool kit from Marley (you should have seen Jesús’ happiness as he realized someone bought something he registered for!), and our super-fancy Blendtec from the Millers and McClellands - last night was African peanut butter/vegetable/potato soup from the Sandpoint Ward cookbook and dessert, drumroll please… Banana ice cream. Twister jar + Bananas + vanilla + cinnamon. So healthy! So creamy and sweet! We might seem a little excited. It’s only a 3-horsepower blender, after all… Thank you! To those few who might read this blog, there may or may not be a need for a new hashtag :)

The lead-up! Starting on Saturday, lots of family started arriving! I loved showing the Blackhams around the Rosario’s property, they have plants that retract when you touch them, banana trees, all kinds of tubers growing, papaya and lime trees, even oregano, cilantro, and spinach! After a tough Saturday what w/ waiting for hours to get checked in to their villa, a power outage, and a VERY long time spent in the emergency room, they deserved a peaceful Sunday. Tuesday, the McClellands along w/ Aunt Suzy & Indie as well as Grammie & Granddad + Dad AND Nona & Joe had all arrived so we met up at El Yunque and played at the waterfall! So beautiful. Such a good adventure to follow up w/ Puerto Rican food at Los kioscos in Luquillo! Lots of canoas, rellenos de papa, and piononos! On Wednesday we got our marriage license and a bunch different errands done, and Thursday we planned an excursion to the West side but between a flat tire and traffic we had to skip snorkeling and go straight to Playa Sucia (the lighthouse where Jesús proposed!). After relaxing and getting somewhat sunburned, we went to El Bohío and while every one was getting their food, we went as fast as we could to Don Frappé because we feel strongly that anyone who comes to PR needs to have a frappé de Nutella w/ Oreo whipped cream. We ordered 17 and came back with the air conditioning on full blast so they didn’t get too warm, ate fast and went to a secret bioluminescent bay! It was a long day, but I’m so happy we got to do all those activities with all that family! Friday we did last minute preparations and picked Ricky (best man) up from the airport, and then gathered everyone together to drive to the Rosario residence caravan-style. There were 9 cars, and given the nature of Puerto Rican driving style, we used hazard-lights to stay together.

A bit of life lately. Fresh fruit, coquis and lagartijos, chilling with Yabdriel and Marieangelys :) These photos show the calm moments - Jesús and I are running around like crazies! T-10 and counting!

Graduation 2.1 - Kennedy Center Convocation - photos by Uncle Sam <3

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